Are Wedding Planners Worth It? – Part 1

Worth is perceived differently by everyone, fact! So determining whether something, in this case having a wedding planner, is worth it comes down to first establishing what your needs and expectations are. Not everyone needs, wants or has a wedding planner because they just aren’t worth it for everyone, and that’s being honestly written by someone who offers exactly the service we’re debating here!

To help you decide, here are 5 reasons why a wedding planner might be worth it for you. There’s so many ways we can help that I have broken this answer down into a 2 part blog, so watch out for part 2 coming soon!

Take a read of these first 5, reflect on whether these fit with what you need, and ensure, as with all of your suppliers, that you take the time to carefully get to know any planner you are considering investing in.

A relaxed couple laughing together whilst cutting their wedding cake
Would a wedding planner help to ensure you are this relaxed and full of laughter and love on your wedding day? Read on to see if the benefits of a planner would be worth it for you!
Photo: Clare Davis Photography

1) We help on your own terms

Everyone is different – everyone’s situation is different, everyone’s expectations, budget and enjoyment of planning is different. That’s why each wedding planner is different, and why they each offer slightly different services too. The name ‘wedding planner’ conjures up an idea of someone planning it all for you, but in reality there’s so many more options than just that. Whether a wedding planner is worth it can only really be decided by considering the different services individually and determining which, if any, might tick all the boxes for you.

As a wedding planner I offer a wide scope of services, from full planning which, as the name suggests, includes my support throughout the entire planning process, through to just 2 hours of my time for professional advice and support on whatever and whenever you need it. Then there’s the partial planning, on the day co-ordination, and the small wedding/elopement options too, the choices really are that flexible! So, whereas the classic full planning option might be worth it for some couples, for others a DIY approach with some add on professional support or someone to help manage the day itself might fit the brief better.

So, ultimately, step one in deciding whether a wedding planner is worth it for you is to take the time to think about what you might want, need or expect from a planner, and assess all of the different service offerings available.

A wedding planner providing guidance and advice to a couple via a laptop video call
Sometimes all you need is to have a professional at the end of a video call, answering your questions and providing clarity and advice when you need it most!
Photo: Thyme Lane Photography Virtual Photoshoot

2) We provide clarity

It can be so overwhelming planning a wedding! You’re often new to the whole process and can be quickly bombarded by inspiration, options, well-meaning advice and suggestions from others, and questions about details you hadn’t even started to consider yet. It is so easy to get swept up in it all and this can mean you lose sight of what truly matters to you and lose those personal, meaningful touches.

Wedding planners are here to provide clarity. We don’t take over, we don’t run the show, we very carefully get to know you and help you to wade through the options to pick out those that are just perfect for you. I have a free guide available to help give you clarity as you start on your own planning journey, but for those who opt for my planning services we expand on this so much more and I spend a considerable amount of time getting to know you so I am best placed to understand you, your dilemmas, your preferences, and provide you with the personalised suggestions and clarity that can make having a wedding planner so worthwhile.

The front cover of a wedding planning guide providing support on gettign started with your wedding planning journey
Wedding guides, such as my own shown here, are a great starting place for clarity and support, but investing in a planner allows for support and guidance tailored just to you!
Photo: Lucie Watson Photography

3) We act as mediators

Getting to know you enough to be able to provide an outside perspective not only makes wedding planners great at helping to give you clarity, but it also makes us well positioned to offer mediation when decisions get tough or input from others throws you off course.  Planning your wedding isn’t always plain sailing, you might not always agree with each other, share the same priorities or appreciate the advice others give, so having someone else there to help find compromise, spot the middle ground, and help you to navigate any potential conflicts can be a valuable service.

4) We deal with the logistics

Are you a fan of logistics? Do you enjoy working out those fine details required for something to run like clockwork? Do you appreciate the logistical elements and find them fascinating, or would you rather focus on the aesthetics and bigger picture? Your answers to these questions will help to pave the way to determining if having a professional to help when it comes to the logistics is worth it for you.

Combining our experience with our passion for the fine details, wedding planners can be worth our weight in gold when it comes to knowing a thing or two about the behind the scenes logistics of a wedding. With my back up plans, my trusty planning toolkit, my can-do attitude and my passion for building a strong wedding team to support you on the day, I love taking care of those logistics and ensuring everything is all set for a seamless day.

Hannah, a wedding planner, working on ironing and fixing a piece of clothing for her couple ahead of their wedding
I have a can-do attitude to anything, whether that be standing in the cold or wet to get something done, or turning my hand to a bit of emergency sewing!
Photo: Lucie Watson Photography

5) We give you the gift of time

Oh, to have more of it, hey! Time is a precious commodity and shoehorning your wedding planning into an already packed schedule of day-to-day tasks, work commitments and family life can make the whole process lack the fun and excitement everyone tells you it should entail. The truth is, it really should be fun, you’re planning the day that will mark the start of your next chapter together, and the journey should be as much about enjoying the time together, getting to know each other even more, and setting yourselves up for a happy marriage as it is about the wedding day itself.  

If finding or making the time to plan is proving to be an insurmountable hurdle, then this is where having a planner is always worth it! We are here to put in the hours so you don’t have to! Our job is to dedicate our time to the planning of your wedding, taking as many of the tasks onboard ourselves as you wish for us to. You’re in the driving seat; by selecting between the different services on offer you choose how much of our time you gain and what we do with it, leaving you to prioritise your remaining time to the decisions and parts most important to you.

A just married couple walk hand in hand after their woodland ceremony
Just married! Your wedding planning journey should be about enjoying the preparations for married life too, so allow a wedding planner to help give you the time back to enjoy the process.
Photo: Thyme Lane Photography

So, there you have it, 5 reasons why investing in a wedding planner might be worth it for you. I hope they will have gone some way to guiding your decision about whether to consider having a wedding planner … make sure you check back for part 2 coming soon to see if that helps to clinch the deal!

In the meantime, why not find me on social media to follow along and see whether I might be the right fit for you, after all a wedding planners worth is also determined by whether you can imagine us working well together as a team!

Until part 2, take care …

*Edited to add – Part 2 is now available and the additional 5 considerations can be found here. I hope these help you to decide*

- Hannah -

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