Eco-Friendly Florals – The Art of Foraging

A few month’s ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with Bridget from Wild Rosamund to chat all things wedding industry and floristry (remember those days of lovely catch ups over a cuppa, they’ll be back again soon I’m sure!). Bridget is a Cambridgeshire based florist who embraces an eco-friendly wild style and is quite the pro when it comes to foraging and incorporating her gorgeous finds into her florals. I felt inspired to learn more about the art of foraging and share it with you all too, so settle in and enjoy this little informal interview. I’ll pass you over to Bridget herself, who’s created all of the gorgeous florals in these images –

What is foraging?

Foraging in a floristry context is collecting wild flowers, foliage and textural materials to add to floral designs. However there are laws governing what and where you/your florist can and can’t pick so always check first.

What makes foraging a good eco-friendly option for your wedding florals?

So many reasons! It’s not been commercially grown so there are no fertilisers or pesticides used that can damage the environment.

It’s locally sourced, so if you or your florist forages on foot it’s a zero carbon option. I sometimes forage on my bike, filling two specially adapted baskets with goodies I find. For larger weddings I do use my van as I need larger quantities, but it generally comes from within a 5-miles radius of my studio, so it’s travelled a very short distance relative to imported materials.

What is it that you love most about foraging?

Everything! I love getting out into the fresh air and (hopefully) sunshine, hearing the birds and feeling the wind in my hair.

What I forage is free to me and to you, which is really helpful when you trade in expensive but perishable goods. Legally I’m not allowed to charge for what I forage, so whatever I add to your wedding florals is at no extra cost. I always liken my materials to an artist’s paints; foraging is like going into an art supplies shop and them having a section where all the paints are free! Why wouldn’t you choose from that section?

Getting up close to nature is a joy and seeing the beauty of an individual flower, berry or branch that most people simply don’t notice makes me feel like I’m in on a secret.

One of the best things about foraging is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving. An apple tree growing wild will give you blossom in the spring, then apples in the autumn too; a dog rose will offer fragile flowers in summer then glowing rose hips later on. Once I’ve found particular plant or tree, I’ll often visit it several times a year for different things. They become like friends. I’ve been known to talk to berries and flowers! Foraging does that to you.

The ‘naturalness’ of foraged material is a real attraction too. Nature doesn’t do poker-straight stems and I find every wonky branch, nibbled leaf and imperfect bloom adds a level of reality to wedding florals that you can’t always replicate with totally commercial materials.

Bohemian bride holding her free flowing bouquet of foraged foliage and flowers
Florals: Wild Rosamund | Photos (+cover photo): Thyme Lane Photography

Which foraged find do you use the most?

I’d say teasels and grasses feature regularly in my designs. Teasels have both a rustic and architectural feel, which means they are very versatile, while grasses add softness and movement, both of which are important elements of my work.

What has been the funniest thing that’s happened whilst you’ve been out foraging?

I fall into ditches repeatedly, overstretching for that perfect bulrush or reed. Local friends occasionally spot me grappling with a bush and, for fun, shout out, ‘Oi! What do you think you’re doing?!’ scaring the life out of me. I’ve also tripped over while carrying an armful of teasels and had to spend the next ten minutes picking spikes out of my face!

Do you think foraged florals work best for a particular wedding style?

I think they work for any style. It’s about how and with what you combine them that creates a certain vibe. For example, massed apple blossom creates a glamorous look, while mixed grasses, seed heads and foliage will give a wilder, rustic feel. To return to my artist analogy, we all have the same paints, it’s how you combine them that creates either a Rembrandt or a Picasso.

Thanks Bridget for taking the time to answer my questions, it was lovely to learn from you! If wild florals and seasonal eco-friendly foraging combined with British blooms are just what you’ve been looking for to compliment your wedding plans, I’d definitely recommend getting in touch with Bridget at Wild Rosamund and seeing what wonders she can create just for you.

Also, whilst we’re all having to restrict our activities and spending more time at home at the moment, maybe it’s the perfect time for you to try your hand at a bit of foraging too? How about making a start in your own garden if you have one, or keeping your eyes peeled whilst on your daily exercise? Brush up on the regulations quickly before you head out and ensure you stay safe, but most of all enjoy the process of searching for nature’s perfectly imperfect details. It can be so therapeutic interacting with nature and bringing a small collection of the wild into your home to arrange in your favourite vase, all helping to boost well-being in these unusual times. I’d love to hear what you manage to find and create!    

Eco-friendly florals - The art of foraging pinterest graphic for future reference
Enjoyed learning about foraging? Save this pin for future reference!

If this has inspired you to continue with your wedding and floral planning then please check out my service options and drop me a message if I can help in any way. I’d love to hear from you and chat all things florals, styling and logistics.

Take care, and stay safe,

- Hannah -

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