Environmental Policy

Green Soul Weddings does not profess to be an environmentally perfect business. Instead I prefer the term ‘perfectly imperfect’ as this provides space for me and my business to recognise that we can and always should be looking to improve in every way we can.

Please find below details of the measures currently in place to ensure the business footprint is minimised:

1. Paperless 

We are mostly a paperless business, with all attempts made to find online options and solutions for any primarily paper-based tasks. I use cloud-based solutions to prevent the need for storage of any paper files. When paper is used, this is typically scrap paper of which I have a large supply accumulated over many years. I even save envelopes from any post received in order to reuse them in my business receipt sorting system!

2. Marketing 

My only paper marketing materials are my business cards, which were carefully sourced to have minimal impact. They are printed on recycled paper with vegetable-based vegan friendly inks, and were produced by Ink & Paper, a London based wedding supplier, in order to support a small independent business who shares my eco ethos. The business cards were carefully designed to be dual purpose, serving as both a business card and coaster, but for those not wishing to retain their card they are fully recyclable too. All additional marketing is undertaken using online platforms or brochures provided via email.

3. Online Presence 

This website is hosted with a UK based web hosting provider who is committed to reducing their environmental impact and using resources responsibly.

4. Recommended Suppliers 

I recommend suppliers who I trust will deliver you an exceptional service, however I always consider their geographical location and environmental credentials too, making sure that this informs my judgement regarding their suitability for your day. I am guided by your personal ethical and environmental values as established early on in our working relationship.

5. Our Service Region 

With the environmentally conscious mission central to my offering, I only serve couples who intend to marry in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, or their immediately neighbouring counties for my full, partial and on the day planning packages. My wedding wisdom 1:1 is available to those marrying further afield however for these our consultation will be via video call only. This limitation is put in place in order to minimise travel and carbon footprint, both for myself and you as the couple, and to encourage the use of local wedding planners and suppliers for weddings outside of this region.

6. Use of transport 

I look to use public transport wherever practical, however due to the rural locations amongst our service region this is often unfeasible. Wherever possible I combine all travelling, especially by car, with other local visits or meetings in order to maximise the benefits of each journey taken.

7. Office space 

As a small independent business, Green Soul Weddings is run from a home office, reducing the need for additional overheads and allowing the business to benefit from the sustainable living swaps that my household has made. I always aim to reuse and recycle within the home, keep my energy consumption to a minimum (yes, that means multiple jumpers and wrapping myself up in a blanket at my desk sometimes), and shop sustainably, both for the business and personally. We have a smart meter fitted and are on a green energy tariff. For more behind the scenes details of sustainable living practices at Green Soul Weddings please visit this blog post.

8. Detrimental activities 

As an environmentally conscious wedding planner I reserve the right to decline to plan and facilitate certain activities that are detrimental to our planet, its inhabitants, and its natural environments. This includes, but is not limited to, balloon or lantern releases and the use of rice or non-biodegradable confetti. I am always happy to discuss sustainable and non-harmful alternatives to any detrimental activities.

If you have any question regarding this environmental policy, or wish to suggest any environmental improvements for the business, please get in touch.