Should I Hire a Wedding Planner? – Part 2

Should I hire a wedding planner, will they be worth it? Any investment requires careful consideration, especially when it is associated with what is typically one of the most expensive days of your life! In this 2 part blog series (you can catch up on part 1 here), I conclude by covering 5 more reasons I recommend you carefully consider when establishing if you should hire a wedding planner. Whilst we as wedding planners provide so many benefits to our couples, only you can truly decide if these will solve your specific needs and make a wedding planner a necessary part of your team.

6) We keep everything to time

We’ve all heard it countless times before, but the saying ‘time goes fast when you’re having fun’ has never been more true than on your wedding day! The time flies, you get well and truly lost in the magical moments and have so many people there to celebrate, catch up and dance with. BUT, a lot relies on a perfectly timed wedding day that stays on schedule! Even the most laid-back weddings that feel so carefree are only pulled off perfectly by having a spotless schedule guiding it in the background and creating that aura of calmness.

Newlywed couple walk back down the aisle full of excitement after their sustainable colourful barn wedding ceremony
‘Time goes fast when you’re having fun’ is never more true than on your wedding day. Hiring a planner helps you to keep everything perfectly to time!
Image: Lucie Watson Photography

Having a wedding planner prevents you or a dedicated close family or friend member from having to clock watch throughout your celebration, because quite honestly that’s no way to be fully present and enjoy the day! Our experience as wedding planners makes us well placed to guide you on the ideal timings to create the day you desire, and we have the skills to coordinate and work as a team with all of your suppliers to ensure everything runs to plan.

Did you know that if you feel you should hire a wedding planner for this reason alone, we actually offer an option called on the day co-ordination that encompasses just this! This service option allows you to plan the day yourself and then hand the final timings and on the day support to a trusted professional who will take all of the stress away and ensure the timings are precisely coordinated. Plus, on the day co-ordination is included amongst almost all of my other services too as I believe supporting you on the day itself is a vital part of my offering.

Wedding planner sat at her desk working on her laptop to create a detailed wedding day schedule
The creation of a detailed wedding day schedule is a key part of a wedding planners role.
Image: Thyme Lane Photography

7) We share our expertise

Do what you love and love what you do! I am fortunate enough to love weddings, enjoy getting to know everyone, and to get a real buzz from helping others, so my role as a wedding planner is quite the win! Not only do I look to bring you all of the other benefits mentioned here (and in part 1 of this blog series), but I also share my expertise with you throughout the process too. My passion for sustainability shines through in my work, and I recognise that considering the environment at every turn typically adds another layer to each decision, often adding time and removing convenience in the process. By personally learning, researching, and consciously reflecting, I am always developing my knowledge so I can share it with you and give you that convenience and time back.

There are many great free wedding planning resources available that provide a much needed starting place (such as my free download guide!), but by working directly with a wedding planner you get so much more! You get our expertise and knowledge packaged up and presented in a way that is relevant and personalised to you and your day. You gain access to our personally vetted and trusted suppliers list, unlimited communication and opportunities to ask questions, and the confidence that we will make your dream day a reality.

8) We save you money

A key factor in deciding whether you should hire anyone is balancing the benefits against the cost. Choosing to hire a wedding planner is a financial investment to add to your already growing list of other suppliers you need to factor into your budget. However, each different service offering we provide comes with a different price tag and list of inclusions, making it important that you consider each option individually when assessing whether you should hire a wedding planner.

How much do you value your time? How much is your sanity worth? How much would the clarity and avoidance of stress benefit you? We all have different answers to these questions. Not only is investment in a planner going to solve these issues, but the experience and contacts a wedding planner brings to the table can actually help to save you money too. Wedding planners advise you on how much something is really worth and recommend suppliers they trust to deliver the best quality for the best price. We work with you and within your budget and, as a sustainable focused planner, I love to promote cost saving and planet benefitting tips for reusing items throughout your day and shopping second-hand where this might work for you.  

A sustainable florist creating a foam free floral structure of wild and locally grown flowers
Wedding planners share expertise and trusted supplier recommendations with our couples based on networking and previous experience working with different teams at weddings and photoshoots.
Image: Clare Davis Photography
Florist: Flowers at Fifty Eight

9) We are your trusted sidekick

Such a special day requires someone to embrace the important role of being your trusted sidekick and ensuring you have everything you need throughout the day. It’s vital that you have someone who knows you well and that you trust implicitly, but sometimes you don’t want to burden others with this responsibility when they should be enjoying the day alongside you. A wedding planner fills this role perfectly, acting as the professional and trusted best friend everyone should have, someone you’ll wonder how you would’ve managed without!

I would argue that when deciding whether you should hire a wedding planner this decision must come down to more than just whether you feel you need the service. Whether you should hire one specific planner as opposed to another depends on our personalities; whilst choosing the right planner that fills you with confidence and trust is vital, selecting one that already feels like a friend means that you’ll be at ease throughout and enjoy the whole process too! Finding a planner with whom you have much in common, especially when it comes to values and priorities, can be the start of something amazing! If you’re a nature loving, sunrise/sunset/big sky obsessed, family orientated, caring soul who likes to ensure they have a positive impact on other people and our planet then I’m much more likely to be the planner for you – if not then make sure you check out the ‘About Me’ pages of other fantastic planners and find one that seems just right for you.

A white buttercream wedding cake with a textured peach and gold finish is decorated with orange, peach and white florals and upon a gold minimalist cake stand
The hot weather could have spelt disaster for this buttercream cake, however timing and teamwork ensured it looked its best when required.
Image: Lee Allison Photography
Cake: One Part Love Bakery

10) We’re adept at problem solving

A problem, on your wedding day, surely not! Something going wrong is one of the biggest contributors to wedding day nerves and stress, so having a professional there to smooth any hiccups and be the go-to person instead of you means that if any issue does arise you can continue partying, never have to lift a finger, and more often than not be perfectly oblivious to it having ever even occurred!

Having a wedding planner helps to reduce those pre-wedding worries in many ways. Knowing that we will stay calm under pressure, be good at thinking creatively on our feet, and will have contacts to call on if needed is such a relief in the run up to your celebration. With knowledge and experience under our belts, we are used to working as a close-knit team with your suppliers to find the best solution to anything and everything; is that the sort of back up you feel you should have on your day? As a sustainable wedding planner, you can also be sure that I will have my environmentally conscious passion and my careful understanding of your values and priorities in mind throughout the problem solving process, ensuring any solution is as much in alignment with this as I possibly can.

Newlywed couple stand at the top of the aisle by their macramé backdrop as they take a moment to reflect on their ceremony and wedding day so far
Outdoor ceremonies involve additional complications and scope for problems that your wedding planner and team will be adept at planning for.
Image: Lee Allison Photography

So, there you have it. I hope that will have gone some way to helping you decide whether you should hire a wedding planner. If you missed part 1 then make sure you check it out too before making your decision, because a well-informed decision is always best!

If you feel like I might be the right wedding planner for you then thank you, I’m flattered. Please check out my different service options, get to know me via my about page and social media channels, and most of all please do get in touch and let’s discuss everything over a free no obligation consultation!


- Hannah -

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