Why have a Wedding Planner, and an eco one at that?

So, you’re engaged, you’ve enjoyed celebrating and you’ve probably already got family and friends asking the where, the when and what colour scheme you’ll be having! Whether you’re just embarking on the planning journey or you’re three-quarter’s of the way there, you’re probably knee deep in inspiration and budget balancing and the idea of paying for wedding planning services might not have even crossed your mind. Why have a wedding planner, and an eco one at that? After all, cost is at the forefront of your mind and you quite like the idea of doing some, or maybe all, of the planning process yourself. Well, having a wedding planner certainly isn’t right for everyone, but before you dismiss the idea here are a list of the reasons why you might wish to consider having an eco and sustainable wedding planner.

Leave it to the wedding planner! Mother of the bride holding a sign encouraging the guests to relax and party

#1. Have the Planning Journey that’s Right for You!

Now, I’ve just said that having a wedding planner isn’t for everyone, and that’s definitely true. But, did you know that wedding planners typically offer different types of flexible packages, one of which might be better suited to you? Many people associate wedding planning with the concept of having someone plan it all for you whilst you take a back seat, but in reality the options are much more varied. Rightly or wrongly, as you plan your wedding or civil partnership you can feel a lot of pressure to ‘get it right’, and for some of you that might fill you with dread or panic, whereas for others you can’t wait for the challenge.

So, whilst the classic full planning option might be right for some, for others a DIY approach with some add on professional support might fit the brief better. Many wedding planners offer ‘on the day co-ordination’, an option by which you can plan your own celebration and then hand it over to a professional a month or so before your big day. Why hand it over to someone else? Well, they’ll help you to check your plans and reassure you everything is covered, then they’ll take the reins on the day and allow you to be fully present with your family and friends instead of you having to run the show. The flexible planning options don’t end there; for those who want something that’s more of an in-between solution then that’s on offer too, and I even offer consultation only options where you gain as much or as little advice as you need along the way!

As we go through other reasons for considering a planner, you’ll notice some talk more about planning as a whole whereas others focus on the day itself. Take note of which ones appeal to you the most as this will help you to work out which planning type ticks the most boxes for you.

#2. Save Time!

Time is such a precious commodity, and one we always feel is rare to come by! Fitting your wedding planning in alongside day-to-day life, work commitments and family life means it often gets squashed into every spare minute you can find, taking up evenings on end and sometimes having to push other things you love doing out of your schedule. Feeling pushed for time and having to fit wedding planning in amongst everything else is a sure fire way of ruining the fun and excitement of the process, and making it something you are more likely to resent or put off doing.

Wedding planners specifically dedicate their time to helping you plan your wedding, taking as much of the time pressure away as you wish for them to, depending on which level of service you opt for. We are here to put the hours in so you don’t have to!

#3. In the Know!

Not only do wedding planners have the time to dedicate to the planning of your wedding, but their experience makes them more time efficient too. Even if this isn’t your first wedding, you are likely to find yourself going around in circles deliberating what you should be planning when and, sensibly, spending hours trawling the internet and researching your suppliers.

This is especially true when it comes to planning a more eco and sustainable wedding as we all know the more ethical and sustainable decisions don’t tend to be the most convenient and obvious ones. There are many great wedding planning timelines, schedules and guides out there for you to use throughout the planning process, and these are fantastic resources to start with. However, by opting for an eco wedding planner you can be confident you are working with someone who is in the know, has a trusty list of recommended suppliers ready and waiting for you, and will make your sustainable wedding a much more convenient reality.

#4. Save Money!

Now, this one’s a biggie! Yes, you have to invest money in having a wedding planner, but can you afford not to have one? You are paying for their time and experience so that you don’t have to expend your own, and actually their experience is a money saver for you too! Wedding planners are able to advise you on how much something is really worth and recommend suppliers they trust to deliver the best quality for the best price. There will be no risk of opting for suppliers who let you down or for prices that unfortunately are too good to be true when you have the reassurance of a wedding planner on your team.

With sustainability also encompassing financial sustainability, eco wedding planners will have this on their mind too. When helping you to balance your budget we work with you to discover which aspects of your wedding matter the most to you and therefore deserve the most investment, as well as providing cost saving and planet benefitting tips for reusing items throughout your day and beyond. Eco wedding planners help you to invest in suppliers who charge a sustainable and fair price for their services, ensuring your day maximises its sustainable purchasing power and you get the best of the best within your budget.

Eco wedding planner checking the final details of an outdoor sweetheart top table set up
Photo: Emily Little Photography | Planning and Styling: R&F Weddings (with myself as their assistant shown here)

#5. Logistics and Detail Lovers!

When it comes to details, we’re on it! Whether that be the fine styling details that really add that finishing touch, reviewing the specific details of your supplier contracts, or planning the detailed logistical behind the scenes details that help pull the whole celebration together, with a wedding planner you’re in safe hands. We’ll have plan A, B and C up our sleeves, oh and the back up plan for the back up plans too! You can be reassured that each eventuality has been thought through and each detail considered. If you opt for an eco wedding planner you can be reassured that the logistics and details will have been planned with your personal sustainability values and priorities in mind and a minimal impact at their core. I love the logistical challenge of making a wedding low waste or moving and reusing your ceremony backdrop throughout the day, and details, well, I can’t ever get enough of them!

#6. Smooth those Hiccups!

Weddings look perfect in your glossy mags, on your favourite blogs, and in the photo albums, but even with the best will in the world perfect isn’t always perfect! Things aren’t always possible to control, the unexpected can and does happen, and no, even a wedding planner won’t have been able to plan ahead for absolutely everything. BUT, what a wedding planner can do is smooth out those hiccups and be the go to person instead of you, meaning you can continue partying, never have to lift a finger, and more often than not be perfectly oblivious to the hiccup having ever occurred! Wedding planners stay calm under pressure, are good at thinking creatively on their feet, and whilst they might not have been able to foresee every eventuality they will have contacts to call on, knowledge and experience under their belt, and have helped you to build a dream team that will rally together to problem solve and find the best solution they possibly can.

If there was unfortunately a hiccup on your day, your eco wedding planner would also be keeping your values at the fore. Having really taken the time to get to know you, your values and priorities across the planning process, they are well positioned to ensure that, as best as they possibly can, any bumps are ironed out in a way that aligns with your preferences. We’ve got your back!

#7. Timing is Everything!

Have you thought about who will keep everything running to time on the day? ‘Time goes fast when you’re having fun’ is a saying that we all know is really rather accurate, and your wedding day is definitely a great example of this. A lot relies on your wedding day being timed well and then keeping to those times, so to prevent you from spending hours checking recommended timings with your suppliers beforehand and then clock watching throughout your celebration, hand this duty over to a wedding planner with their trusty wedding day schedules. Timing and communication is key to your amazing wedding breakfast arriving on the table piping hot and getting those killer golden hour couple shots you’ve been dreaming of, so co-ordination from a wedding planner is a valuable way of eliminating this stress.

Bride and groom kissing in a meadow during golden hour

#8. You’ve got a (Professional and Trusted) Friend in Me!

Your wedding day or civil partnership celebration is an important day and one that you want to make the best you possibly can. It’s important that you have someone who knows you well and that you trust implicitly to help you, but sometimes you don’t want to burden others with this responsibility, or maybe you know that your best friend’s silly nature is both why you love them but also not ideal when it comes to helping you when you need it on the day. Wedding planners are ideal to fill this role, and as cliched as it sounds, they will become your professional and trusted friend.

Choosing the right planner that fills you with confidence and trust is vital, and selecting one that already feels like a friend means that you’ll be at ease throughout. When you need a hand lacing up your dress, popping on that buttonhole, or keeping an eye out for your dear Nan as the night draws colder, you know they’ll be there for you. Whilst ‘About Me’ pages are glossed over in many industries, for the wedding industry these can be complete goldmines of information!

Finding a planner with whom you have much in common, especially when it comes to values and priorities, can be the start of something amazing! If you’re a nature loving, sunset obsessed, family orientated, caring soul who likes to ensure they have a positive impact on other people and our planet then I’m much more likely to be the planner for you. If sustainability is not something you’ve ever considered before then an eco wedding planner probably isn’t your type, but you’re sure to find someone who is with a quick internet search.

#9. The Outside Perspective

Whilst your wedding planner should feel like a friend, they are also great at providing you with an outside perspective and being a mediator when you need one. Typically the planning of your wedding will draw in the attention of family and friends, wanted or otherwise, and with a wealth of information and inspiration so quickly accessible at your fingertips now too it can be easy to find yourself getting a little lost.

By taking an outsiders perspective and starting from scratch when getting to know you as a couple, wedding planners are well placed to help you wade through the fog of ideas you might have and be able to guide you and inspire you with things that ring true to what really makes you both work so well as a couple!

When it comes to sustainable and eco wedding planning, having someone else to discuss your ideas with can really help to challenge you (in a good way!) to slow down, think about it, and come up with the best approach that’s right for you.

#10. Help You to Help Others!

As an added bonus, by choosing Green Soul Weddings not only do you get the flexible options, the trustworthy wedding sidekick, save the time and money, and all of the other benefits besides, but you know your day is doing good again and again! As an eco wedding planner, not only will I have helped you to reduce your lasting impact on the planet, but 1% of your service investment will be going to our chosen environmental education charity, The Wilderness Foundation. Through this collaboration your day continues to give back to people, wildlife, and our planet!

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So, do you want a wedding planner, and an eco one at that? Get in touch to check my availability and let’s take it from there!

- Hannah -

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